Xiaomi Xiaomi Roborock S6 European Version
Xiaomi Roborock S6 European Version €499,95

Xiaomi Roborock S6 European Version

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Xiaomi Roborock S6 European Version

An impressively powerful and flexible vacuum cleaner for all types of floors

Clean floors without effort

With the improved Roborock S6, all your floors will be spotless without any effort on your part. The Roborock S6's brushes are softer and have a higher density, allowing for more efficient cleaning of dust without damaging the floor. The bearings on both sides of the brush are removable, making it easier to remove hairs. The 5 silicone strips on either side of the side brush ensure effective cleaning. All waste is collected in the large 0.6 litre dustbin. Thanks to the new mopping function, your floors will be sparkling clean as well. With a simple switch you can select the amount of water you want to wet the mop.

Efficient cleaning of all types of floors

The Roborock S6 is no less than 50 percent quieter than its predecessor, the Roborock S50 and S55. The vacuum cleaner has four power settings with the most powerful setting having a suction power of no less than 2000pa. The appliance can be set to automatically detect when it is lying on carpet, which increases the suction power. The Roborock S6 is fast and effective. It cleans a room in just 10 minutes. The 5200 mAh battery is good for at least three hours of cleaning in the lowest mode, while in the normal balanced mode it can clean for at least two hours. With the laser on top of the vacuum cleaner, it maps out the entire environment perfectly. Thanks to the 14 sensors, the vacuum cleaner can also maneuver between all obstacles.

One of the strongest points of the Roborock S6 is the mapping function, which has been improved even further. The vacuum cleaner is easy to operate using the Xiaomi Home app and can be linked to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With the new app, it is now possible to have the vacuum cleaner scan multiple rooms and save them in the app. For example, you can have the Roborock only clean the living room daily and the bedroom every other day. In addition, you can have three maps created, ideal for a multi-floor home. You can also differentiate between different areas in the rooms and set no-go zones, for example. The app has numerous other features like creating cleaning schedules, Smart Home scenarios and seeing historical data.

    • Improved soft dense bristles for more effective cleaning
    • Sparkling clean floors thanks to mop-up function
    • 50 percent quieter than its predecessor
    • No less than 2000pa suction power on the highest setting
    • Long life span thanks to the 5200 mAh battery

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10 / 10
10 / 10
Anton 25 March 2021

One of the best robot so far. Really like function to remember maps comparing to previous models.

10 / 10
Martijn 19 August 2020

Als je nog zit te twijfelen om een robotstofzuiger te kopen dan stop daar maar mee. Koop gewoon een van Xiaomi. Ik heb de rotorock S60 gekocht en deze is zoveel beter dan een Roomba van dezelfde prijsklasse. Geen stofje meer op de grond en het moppen werkt ook perfect. De app is ook een leuke toevoeging waarmee je heel precies opdrachten kan geven en kunt zien waar de robot allemaal geweest is.