Xiaomi Xiaomi Aqara Single Switch Module T1
Xiaomi Aqara Single Switch Module T1 €22,50

Xiaomi Aqara Single Switch Module T1

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Xiaomi Aqara Single Switch Module T1

Create a smart home directly with only 1 device

With the Xiaomi Aqara One Way Relay you make the control of your stupid devices a lot easier with your smartphone as remote control. For example, if you forgot to turn off the fan when you leave the house, you can easily turn it off using the Aqara Home app. With the Xiaomi Aqara Single Switch Module T1 it is also possible to switch certain devices on or off at a specific time. Think about automatically turning on the lights as soon as it gets dark.

But it is also possible to connect a Aqara motion sensor to the Xiaomi Aqara Single Switch Module T1 and the hub. This allows you to turn the lights on or off automatically when motion is detected. Or connect to the door and window sensor so that the light turns on when the door is opened. There are many other possibilities with the other Temperature-, Water leakage- and Vibration sensors

Always a stable connection

The device is equipped with the ultra-fast Zigbee 3.0 Smart Home wireless communication technology. This is one of the fastest connection protocols with an extremely stable connection. When the home Internet network is unstable or disconnected, the Xiaomi Aqara One Way Relay can continue to perform as normal when the Aqara Hub normal. With the Aqara Hub (or Aqara G2H Camera) you can also use the Single Switch in combination with Apple Homekit! To control your devices it is not even necessary to use buttons. Only your voice is sufficient thanks to the practical voice assistant. The device is compatible with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

The Xiaomi Aqara One Way Relay is very easy to install. Its dimensions are exactly the same as a normal power outlet, so you can hide it anywhere behind an existing switch or power outlet to make it smart right away! Then simply connect the Aqara sensors to the module and enjoy all the possibilities. The Aqara Module has high quality protection for overheating, short-circuiting and overcharging.

The Xiaomi Aqara Single Switch Module T1 is available both with and without zero wire. The version with Neutral monitors your daily energy consumption and automatically creates clear diagrams and statistics. This gives you a detailed insight into the energy consumption of different devices

    • Providing the smooth and stable Zigbee 3.0
    • Make your home a smart home in no time
    • Easily switch your devices on and off remotely
    • Operate the devices using the voice assistant
    • Compatible with Apple Siri, Amazing Alexa and the Google Assistant
    • Available with and without zero wire that monitors your energy consumption

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10 / 10
10 / 10
Peter 07 March 2021

Ik heb er enkele in gebruik genomen en ze werken perfect. Ondanks de grootte passen ze achter een schakelaar in een wanddoos.
Ga er zeker meer bestellen!